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MYNWELL believes in empowering the workforce through a proactive wellness approach.
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Mental and Physical Health

Throughout the last 2 years, the pandemic has amplified pre-existing issues surrounding mental and physical health, morale and productivity in the mining sector. Shift work, long hours, remote work environments and physically demanding positions have historically been challenging to the workforce. The recent restrictions to social activities, added restrictions to dining, gyms and other social distancing rules, has led to a drastic increase in mental health concerns across the mining sites especially with remote camps.

The team at MYNWELL has been able to facilitate wellness programs and on-site services that have had a positive impact on rejuvenating the workforce and restoring a workplace culture. The goal is to generate increased engagement and promote health & wellness as a priority at work and at home. Through changing the physical and mental health culture onsite we can facilitate more positive outcomes in turnover rates, absenteeism and LTIs along with returning modified employees back to work stronger,healthier and quicker.

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MYNWELL believes in empowering the workforce through a proactive wellness approach


OUR APPROACH: Target mental health through Physical health



At Mynwell we aim to change the mining industry by bringing wellness initiatives and solutions to the forefront. Our approach is to bring value to the company and workforce through a step by step process of integration with on-site services and virtual support.

Our team will Bulletproof your workforce by creating wellness around the INDUSTRIAL ATHLETE model resulting in increased productivity and healthier workforce. 


To put health and wellness at the center of workplace culture by empowering the workforce, promoting prevention, and through the creation of the industrial athlete


Inspire and cultivate sustainable healthy workplace wellness cultures to enrich mental health, physical health, social health and human performance. 

We Serve our Clients’ Best Interests. Find Out More


Specialists in health issues facing the mining industry

We make mining work – We make healthier industrial athletes – Delivering excellence in remote industries

Lifestyle culture shift to start appreciating and valuing health

Cultivate a high functioning and productive team of INDUSTRIAL ATHLETES